The Paneurethic Universe of Scambi

When we talk, we use words to describe our experiences. Words are extremely important: not only they express what we encounter and what we do, but they constitute the “bridge” that links us to the world around us. 
Sometimes words are not enough. We say I’m speechless if we are surprised, or we say I can’t find the right words when emotions are too strong, and we can’t enclose them in something as “finished” and limited as a group of letters.

In the end, though, it is through a speech or a poem that our experiences and the feelings that accompanied them come up and can be shared with others.
Our language evolves in force of this precious power. The language changes with the passing of time: new ways of saying something are formed, others are abandoned and, above all, new words take shape and they quietly gather importance, entering our everyday habits.

We are conscious of the fundamental role that the terms we use have: we coined a neologism tailored for our festival and its workshops. We would like to wrap it properly, put a nice bow on it and offer paneurethic to you as a gift. In this way, you can unwrap, observe and store it with care, to then use it best.

What does that mean that Scambi workshops are “paneurethic”?
The adjective “paneurethic” was born merging three ancient Greek words:

  • Pan: all, everything;
  • Eurisko: find, discover, encounter;
  • Ethos: way of living.

In a more discursive way, we say something is paneurethic when it pushes you to discover something new, in the most different fields, in original ways. But this research is not without a direction, because a paneurethic thing follows a certain ethic: there are values to build and share with other people.

Practically, here follow a couple of examples related to the Labs you will find in the Pigna of Sanremo.
LIS_cambi is a paneurethic workshop because Chiara and Ilaria interface with the world of the deaths, and they do that both as a job and a passion. They are ready to take you by the hand on the way in! It does not happen everyday to learn how to communicate in sign-language, instead of using your voice. Every language is a world apart, a different point of view: at Scambi you can discover this reality, which is essential to many people.
La malinformazione is a paneurethic workshop because, as the experts from CICAP have been teaching, it is easy to lose the way in the world of information and science. In the job of the scientific journalist ethic plays a key role. In fact, the activity of communicating crucial discoveries that influence in a decisive way our everyday-life involves big responsibilities. As if inside a jungle, we need to have the right tools to not be confused by everything we see or hear.

The collection of Scambi workshops is paneurethic because, from 26th to 29th August, you will have the possibility to create a personalized journey, moving from physics to languages, from history to dancing, from music to law, from cooking to activism. All this will be in the context of a project intrinsically careful to issues like accessibility, sustainability and inclusion. Every workshop is (as) a planet to be explored and participants will wander about the paneurethic universe of Scambi Festival.