Scambi Festival

Scambi is the festival of paneuretic workshops. It was born from the necessity felt by a group of young people to fight the intolerance towards the different. To show how dialogue and interaction can be a powerful cure for this disease, we chose the “meeting” as a theme for the 2021 edition of Scambi.

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The 2022 edition of Scambi will take place from the 25th to the 28th of August in the historical centre of Sanremo, “la Pigna”.


When we say that Scambi is for everyone, we really mean it. Nobody will be left out. We made every activity of the festival available and accessible to as many people as possible:

  • all the events locations can be reached by weelchairs users;
  • if specified when booking, it is possible to have a translation in the Italian Language of Signs;
  • if specified when booking, it is possible to have a guidance and audio description for the blind.

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Scambi Epistolari, our Newsletter

Scambi Epistolari“, which literally means “exhanges of letters”, is the name of our Newsletter: subscribe to not lose interesting contents and the updates on our activities. Invite other people in the paneuretic univers of Scambi.

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Wor(l)ds exhanges“, our Blog

Visit our Blog, “Wor(l)d exchanges”. Articles written before the 2021 Edition tell about us, our hobbies and the reasons we started Scambi project. The words of the Scambi Staff are matched by Miranda’s graphics: here you can read her article. Otherwise, explore the paneuretic universe of Scambi.