đź“Ť La Pigna, Sanremo, Italy

Free and open!

What do we do?

Scambi is one of those experiences you cannot really understand if they are explained to you. In order to understand it you must live it in first person. Nevertheless, by scrolling down this page and exploring this website, you might get an idea of the awesomeness of this project.

I Labs

Labs are interactive experiences guided by an expert. Labs tackle the theme of every edition from various perspectives. Participants are stimulated to cooperate in order to pursue a common aim.

I Pinoli

Pinoli are stands and events like book presentations, exhibitions of innovative technological solutions, exchanges of secondhand clothing, food tasting, and much more.

Si balla!

Classical, techno, punk, experimental… there’s no musical genre that hasn’t been played during Scambi. Every year, we host live shows and artistic performances.


Dissolvenze is our section dedicated to cinema, and it also our short movie contest gathering works from all over the world. Every year, it follows the main theme of each Scambi edition.

What does Paneurethic mean?

Paneurethic is a neologism we created to synthetize the meaning and values of Scambi. It derives from the Greek pan (all), eurisko (discover) and ethos (ethical living). We wish to combine diverse realities that would never meet in their original contexts, while celebrating and respecting our differences, discovering and developing inspiring ideas.

Scambi 2023

The third edition of Scambi Festival is taking place from the 24th to the 28th of August. Many awesome guests are coming from all over Europe to host thrilling and unforgettable Labs tackling the theme of this edition Verse

The staff

We are a group of under-25 friends coming from every corner of the world. Our association was born from our wish to value real and deep ties, horizointality and dialogue, curiosity and welcoming of the different.

We will be waiting for you in Sanremo, to introduce ourselves properly.

A shot of the staff during the 2021 opening ceremony

Scambi Epistolari

By subscribing, you can keep up with all the news concerning Scambi and deepening your knowledge of the topics addressed during the festival through exclusive interviews and thoughts concerning the world we live in.

Our purpose is to rediscover the values of authentic communication and intense meeting, more and more hidden behind a screen, the the bi-dimensional online world. Scambi is a multi-dimensional universe, aimed at creating and bringing together different worlds.

Our manifesto

La Pigna

the roots

La Pigna is the iconic and vibrant historic center of Sanremo welcomes us during the festival, we are committed to give it a new birth through a joint and collective cutural effort.


the trunk

In a society echoing with you must, we say just be: we work hard to make sure that every festival activity available and accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their age, political position, religious belief or phisical and cognitive condition.

The Labs

the branches

Strictly involving and open, Labs are conceived to establish special relations among the ones who attend them. Experts in many different fields host the Labs guiding the participants through experiences aimes ad broadening your perspective with challenging experiments and ideas.


the offspring

Paneurethic is a neologism we created so synthetize the deriving from the Greek pan (all), eurisko (discover) and ethos (living), because we wish to combine diverse realities that would never meet in their original contexts, while celebrating and respecting our differences, discovering and developing inspiring ideas.

Read the manifesto

Join Pan

Pan is our social network, part of the awesome Fediverse: a magical web of people and independent communities counting more than 10 million users all over the world.
We want to offer everybody the opportunity of joining our network, to wander around social platforms free from the oppression of Big Tech, from unfair and unquestionable proprietary algorithms, and from centralized systems driven by the main purpose of profit.

Pan main illustration

Our relations

A shot from “Scambi Presenta„ 2022, where Gek, Tommi, Giulia, and Paola act crazy

Alone we would not have been able to make the magic of Scambi come true.

What makes our festival unique are the relationships and the bonds with local and international organizations, the public administration of Sanremo and many other special people.