The Manifesto

La Pigna, our roots

re-qualifying our roots by revitalizing them, to branch out into a better future

Scambi has its roots in La Pigna, the magical historical center of Sanremo. Perfect allegory of the values at the base of our intentions, La Pigna is a casket full of alleys, among which you can breathe a ruined and resilient beauty, typical of those who have known many stories. For a long time those same roads have been forgotten but, as often happens, the strength of human bonds and of collective actions allowed salvation and redemption.

Accessibility, the trunk

welcoming including the differences

The trunk sustaining our festival is not rigid and unscratchable, it rather develops sinuously taking charge of diversities enriching our creation. We value diversities and we mean to donate everyone the possibility to feel welcomed in our world. Acessibility is not just using inclusive languages, eliminating architectural barriers, elaborating activities suitable for every age and having the possibility for sign language interpretation. To us, Accessibility means believing and working to realize a juster world, which can hug everyone, beyond and thanks to our differences.

Laboratories, the branches

meeting experimenting with others

From Scambi’s main trunk the Laboratories branches out: from the desire of meeting and discovering together accessible experiences sprouts. Our Laboratories open up to multiple themes as the branches of a tree extends in various directions. Our Laboratories are strictly engaging and dominated by a horizontal dialogue and have the purpose to create relationships among who lives them. Experts in the most different disciplines propose experiences which help us to enlarge our horizons experimenting with ideas and things, to build together the way towards tomorrow.

Paneurethic, the fruit

ethically discovering the word

Concious of the fundamental role of the words we use, we conied a neologism that summarizes Scambi’s essence. The adjective Paneuretic was born from putting together three greek words: pan (everything), eurisko (discovering, finding out, encountering), ethos (way of living). Paneuretic can be said of what pushes us to discover new things, to investigate the most different fields in original ways. This research is not without a direction: a paneuretic experience follows an ethic based on vital values, to be built together and shared.

At Scambi we want to start from here, together, to get to paint the sky with strong blooming branches.