Scambi Festival’s Editions

This page lists all of the editions that make Scambi, The Festival of Paneurethic Labs.

Scambi Festival 2023

Theme What’s your verse?

Scambi Festival 2023’s Poster

Late Night nello ScambiVerso

Theme verse

We got in touch with those crazy people of Late Night Sessions, and together we organized an unforgettable night. The Asganaway and The Claynuts played so hard that all of our hearts trembled.

Late Night nello ScambiVerso’s Poster

Scambi Festival 2022

Theme disequilibrium

Scambi’s second edition has been like the second album of an indie artist: great expectations and the need to prove that we are here to stay. We did it: we brought together more than fifty guests from all over Europe, who organized 18 Labs and 13 Pinoli.

Scambi Festival 2022’s Poster

Scambi Present(a) 2022

Theme disequilibrium

Scambi Present(a) has been the occasion to launch 2022 Scambi’s theme: disequilibrium. We gathered in Santa Brigida square, together with many awesome people and artists from all around, to celebrate together a unique carnival.

Scambi Present(a) 2022’s Poster

Scambi Festival 2021

Theme meeting

The first edition has been special and unforgettable. Without really knowing what we were doing, we involved in our ambitious project a lot of wonderful people, who brought us 13 Labs that will be forever remembered as the ones that started Scambi Festival

Scambi Festival 2021’s Poster