What is Scambi?

A picture of the 2021 edition opening event

Scambi is The Festival of Paneurethic Laboratories. The festival takes place in all squares and streets of La Pigna, the oldest neighborhood of Sanremo. The festival is conceived and organized exclusively by an international staff 50+ under-25 coming from every corner of the planet.

Images from previous editions

Our purpose is bringing together the most different people and worlds, and making them interact through Paneurethic Labs.

Taking part to a lab, a group of strangers is stimulated to cooperate and discuss, to achieve a common aim.

Labs tackle important yet complex topics: climate crisis, social phenomena, sciences, and arts, in any of their forms.

The place where a handful of strangers becomes a team to change the world

Our manifesto

La Pigna

the roots

La Pigna is the iconic and vibrant historic center of Sanremo welcomes us during the festival, we are committed to give it a new birth through a joint and collective cutural effort.


the trunk

In a society echoing with you must, we say just be: we work hard to make sure that every festival activity available and accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their age, political position, religious belief or phisical and cognitive condition.

The Labs

the branches

Strictly involving and open, Labs are conceived to establish special relations among the ones who attend them. Experts in many different fields host the Labs guiding the participants through experiences aimes ad broadening your perspective with challenging experiments and ideas.


the offspring

Paneurethic is a neologism we created so synthetize the deriving from the Greek pan (all), eurisko (discover) and ethos (living), because we wish to combine diverse realities that would never meet in their original contexts, while celebrating and respecting our differences, discovering and developing inspiring ideas.

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The staff

We are a group of under-25 friends coming from every corner of the world. Our association was born from our wish to value real and deep ties, horizointality and dialogue, curiosity and welcoming of the different.

We will be waiting for you in Sanremo, to introduce ourselves properly.

A shot of the staff during the 2021 opening ceremony