Scambi Festival

We are working on the new version of our site in view of Scambi 2022!

Scambi is the festival of laboratories that will take place from the 26th to the 29th of August 2021, in Sanremo old town: La Pigna.

Our festival is born from the urge, felt by a group of young people, to defeat intolerance towards the different. Our planet is becoming hotter and dryer day by day, but relationships among its inhabitants are increasingly colder and distant.

The “meeting”

Our purpose is to overcome this alarming tendency through rediscovering the powerful magic of meeting people, experiences, ideas, objects: this will be the theme for the 2021 edition of Scambi.

There will not be unilateral meetings or seminars: every person in the audience will interact and collaborate with all other participants.

Ragazze che danzano in un cerchio

The Laboratory

The laboratory represents a perfect synthesis of Scambi festival identity.

In the Pigna a path will come into life, squares and streets will be transformed intoforges of ideas and experiments. Every laboratory will host a maximum of twenty people of different ages and thoughts. Participants will be guided by an expert to discover how infinite, diverse but complementary the “meeting” can be.

During the next months a detailed programme and a more complete description of the festival will be published here.

Openness and accessibility

We have decided to not have a precise age target, allowing adults and children, elders and teenagers to give life to a dialogue also under the generational point of view.

In the meantime, we are committed to break down all physical limitations: our festival will be accessible to people with disabilities and a translation into LIS (Italian Sign Language) will be available to be booked for any of the laboratories.

More precise information will soon be published concerning these practical and logistic details.

Collaboration and partnerships

It will be mostly thanks to the associations that chose to support us in this adventure if Scambi turns out as exciting and intense as we hope to.

First of all, Pigna Mon Amour, with its long and rich history, has been and will be a vital support concerning the collaboration with local entities and the logistic.

Furthermore, Scambi will be an Estate Liberi camp, with the participation of LIBERA, Associazioni, Nomi e Numeri contro le mafie. Young enterprising people will sign up and participate trough the association.