Alone we would not have been able to concretize the magic of Scambi.

What makes unique our festival are the relationships and the bonds with local and non-local bodies, the public administration of Sanremo and many special people, that we would like to present here.

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Pigna Mon Amour

Without the crucial economic and logistic contribution of Pigna Mon Amour we would have been lost. It is thanks to them if la Pigna is so colorful, lively and full of opportunities.

Their help has been fundamental but so much invisible that we do not even have a picture sealing our bond, which goes well beyond any public demonstration, but that is born from the identity of the values which our associations are fighting for.

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LIBERA, associations, names and numbers against mafia

Scambi Festival 2021 has also been a camp of E!State Liberi!
We have realized it with the collaboration of the provincial coordination of LIBERA Imperia, hosting among our audience and staff fifteen young people coming from Italy and abroad.
They have soon become a fundamental point for the logistic, always ready to help, they fulfilled the promises of commitment which characterize LIBERA.

Participants of the camp of E!State Liberi! in Santa Brigida square
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Liceo G.D. Cassini Sanremo

We are happy to have started a P.C.T.O. convention with Liceo G.D. Cassini, where many of us have studied, in order to let some students enjoy our staff.

Before the event started, we have organized for the kids a training course for the accompaniment of blind or visually impaired people, held by Cesare Longordo and Fabrizio D’Alessandro (members of P.E.B.A. and UICI).
During the festival they have turned out to be essential work companions. Their presence has been vital and with great joy we have involved them into the association.

An excerpt of the interview to the volunteers
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La Nuova Corrente

The editorial staff of La Nuova Corrente of Liceo G.D. Cassini have documented the 2021 edition of the festival with great initiative and enthusiasm.

Some editors have grown so fond with the idea, that they decided to become an integral part of the Staff in the preparation of the next edition.

The editorial staff of La Nuova Corrente while interviewing us before the Festival
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Barrio Builders with Felipe Pincel

Born from a marvellous unexpected coincidence, the relationship with this incredible reality based in la Pigna have crowned with art our meetings. The Barrio builders crew is launching itself in the world of NFTs and aims at rethinking the way in which art is enjoyed and sold.

The sunny and brilliant Felipe Pincel has given life to faces with deep looks during the days of the festival. He fulfilled with the sound of his spray can the days and the hearts during the evening.

Felipe Pincel Echeverria starts to mark the first lines of El pescador
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Piña Social Club

If you happened to walk during the evening around la Pigna, it would definitely occur to you the sound of good music and the chatter of people, well it is the Piña Social Club. Thanks to their hospitality and experience we managed to orient ourselves in the complex world of the organization of events and the success of the soirée arisen from this collaboration is the proof of the energy of this place.

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Scambi has been realized with small funds.

We had to face infinite adventures in order to concretize the whole event with our very limited budget.

It is, therefore, fundamental to recognize the priceless contribution of the sponsors which have believed in us when we were not holding anything, no guarantee except our will power and enthusiasm.

Costa Ligure

Thanks to Costa Ligure,
for having given to us the pride of flaunting our tradition with great taste.

Tasting of the Costa Ligure pesto sauce with a view of la Pigna


Thanks to Cubbit,
your power has become our bravery and your sensitivity our adventure.
A particular thanks to Nicole because in the moments of difficulty she was a look of encouragement and words of comfort. Because she took the risk and played with us, danced, singed, cried, as a companion to whom we are strongly attached to.

Nicole illustrates Cubbit from her pinolo
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Thanks to our technical sponsors,
La Bodeguita, La Ciotola, Mail Boxes etc. Sanremo.
Places of wonderful and generous people to come back to.