Our association

Oltre is the name we chose for our Association for Social Promotion, which was founded on September the 9th 2020 by seven, young associates, who today form the Administration Council. In Italian, Oltre means Beyond. It is a concise, but impactful word that express our mission: to promote social growth and bring our societies beyond the nebulous limits of the status-quo.

  • Tommaso Marmo, the president
  • Vladimir Marchetti Dyatlov, vice-president
  • Anna Mastrantuomo, secretary
  • Sara Brusco, treasurer
  • Fiammetta Bernardi, counsellor
  • Claudio Faoro, counsellor
  • Cecilia Massa, counsellor

Starting from February the 18th 2021, the association is legally subscribed into the Register of Entities in the Tertiary Sector of Liguria Region. The Statue is accessible to the public in this page. Our bank details and legal data are, instead, at the bottom of this page. Membership subscriptions to APS Oltre are free to anyone who’s willing to become a member and contribute to its activities. Our subscription fee is 20€. If you have any questions, just send an email to direttivo@scambi.org.