Open positions

Scambi Staff wants you!

We are looking for new energies and people who are ready to take on a challenge, who share the founding values of our Festival and want to contribute to its realisation. If you are under 30 and have time to invest in an ever-developing project… welcome! You have found the place for you.

We are a group of young utopists, who do not give up easily, and who invest in creativity and enthusiasm: whatever your talent, your skills, your possibilities and your ambitions, in Scambi you will find a place to develop them. Each edition is the sum of all our interests, and we cannot wait to find out what will be your addition to our already eclectic staff.

An additional thinking head will always be well accepted in each working group, but at the moment the teams below need more support than others. Are you interested? Send an email to briefly explaining why you would want to be part of our staff, and we will get back to you asap!

Social Media (Dragonflies)

Can you write engaging captions and invent suitable formats to spread our message from the rooftops? The Social Media team is looking for a meticulous and communicative person to join them in:

  • Managing all of Scambi social media profiles (InstagramFacebookLinkedinTwitter and GitHub)
  • Creating a communication plan and publishing contents at the right moment
  • Creating original formats, collaborations and posts content
  • Promoting the Festival and the other events of the association
  • Collecting contents during Scambi Festival itself, taking pictures, filming and recording testimonies

Press Office and Communication (Snails)

Do you have innovative ideas for our blog and would you like to deepen the public’s understanding of Scambi’s philosophy through articles and press communications? Join our Press Office to:

  • Delve deeper into the key themes of Scambi in our blog articles
  • Keep in touch with several news publications
  • Write promotion articles for the events of our association
  • Assist other teams in preparing documents and presentations for external partners

Accessibility (Jays)

Do you want to work on making everything about Scambi more accessible and inclusive? The Accessibility team is looking for someone to help them tackle one of the most engaging challenges of the Festival: making all of our offline and online activities, adapted and accessible to all. We need you in order to:

  • Make sure our social media and website contents are accessible to all
  • Study physical and invisible obstacles to participation in the offline Festival’s activities
  • Create a shared awareness among the teams in order to always make accessibility a priority
  • Work on functional and creative solutions to all matters concerning accessibility

Logistics (Owls)

The backbone of each event is the organisation that stands behind it: Logistics team is responsible of finding all of the necessary materials to make the Festival successfull, from our guests’ housing and the always-hungry staff’s meals, to the service for our music events and the table for the various pinoli. Join them in order to:

  • Get involved in the core internal activities of Scambi Festival
  • Be in contact with our labbers and ensuring they get the best possible experience at Scambi
  • Find innovative solutions to the a thousand and more logistic challenges of the Pigna, gaining the eternal gratitude of the rest of the staff
  • Organise the setup of all the necessary materials during our events
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the Festival and ensure that everything runs smoothly

Sounds interesting? Send an email to