Once our summer study session will be concluded, we will publish a detailed plan and the complete presentations of each activity and workshops, along with the engaged entities. In the meantime, we warmly prompt your hands on deck and give your contribution to Scambi by joining us! No matter what your interests and skills are, we believe you can and should be part of our community. Here is how:

  • Your membership: come together! You will participate to our ordinary assemblies every three months, where you will be able to give us your brilliant insights. Mind our Associative Charter: every member has rights and duties. Finally, don’t forget to pay our 20€ subscription fee.
  • Join our staff: beware! We are a gang of madmen/nuts: restless youngsters, each with different dreams, passions and ideas. Despite this, we share two very relevant values: Openness and Warmth. Therefore, if you’re full of energy and motivation, you will be fully welcomed into our project. Our meetings take place every Thursday, at 9pm. Don’t hesitate to take action now: reach us out on email!
  • Workshops, your suggestion: If you have a story, a passion, experience or an idea that tickles your mind, don’t hesitate sharing it with the world! Fill the module at the bottom of this page so that we can make it real.