Grab an extra chair!

Do you want to be part of an intercultural experience, directly in your home? We are looking for people in Sanremo that would like to host our brand new team of international volunteers, who will be a vibrant addition to Scambi Festival 2022. We want to create connections that run through national borders, and involve the city in a dynamic exchange with the rest of the world. The young volunteers will join us to live the city firsthand and engage in a meaningful initiative.

Do not miss the chance to meet one or more youth from all over Europe, and to live a unique experience together, that will transport you far away without lifting a finger. You only need one or more sleeping accomodations from the 22nd to the 29th of August: Scambi Staff will take care of everything else, from transports to providing food. You will be able to participate to all the activities for our volunteers, and discover Scambi behind the scenes.

Interested? To participate or find out more, send an email to! We will get back to you as soon as possible to clarify any doubt and provide further details.