I already know I won’t be able to be in Sanremo from the 26th to the 29th of August. Will I be able to follow the meetings online?

Unfortunately, not. The virtual meeting denies the very definition of what we would like to realize. Physicality is a key factor in the human exchange of mutual growth.

Can’t wait to be there! Can I receive hospitality?

We are waiting for clearer instructions from the Government about the overnight stay and the necessary safety measures. As soon as we will know better, we will activate to be able to welcome as many people as possible!

Will there be a fee to be paid in order to attend the laboratories?

No, the laboratory is a free activity! You will be able to sign up to as many as you prefer and attend them in rotation during one or more days. More information about the laboratories will be available soon.

It’s not clear to me, what will happen? Is there a programme?

There is, but it has not been translated in Italian, yet. You can read it here.

Are the festival events being translated in English, too?

Unfortunately, we could not arrange a translation of the events for non-Italian speakers. Nevertheless, our international staff could help you wander around and still enjoy the coolest stuff.

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