Scambi 2021

The best of the last edition is here!

To imagine it is not enough anymore: Scambi has become real. The historical centre of Sanremo, La Pigna, has witnessed a transformation through meetings, news and colours.

The “encounter

“Encounter” has been the theme for Scambi 2021. Our Festival has the purpose to put different people, thoughts and worlds closer, so that precious experiences can have birth. Here are some pictures that embody the fil rouge of the “encounter”, through workshops, stands and evening events.


In this gallery you can discover the “paneuretic” activities that have made up Scambi 2021. The “encounter” has been developed through the fields of science, gastronomy, languages, sociology and much more.


All collateral activities that have animated La Pigna are called “pinoli“. These have been books presentations, vintage clothes exchange, innovative solutions for data storage and much more.


Dissolvenze” is the short-film contest signed Scambi. Visit the dedicated page to discover more.

PSC + Pincel

Street art and the historical centre of Sanremo are made for each other. The paintings of the Chilean artist Felipe Pincel, realized during Scambi 2021, demonstrate this. The paintings portray the Mapuche people, and one of the faces came alive to the beat of the dj set by Wir.Ium at Pina Social Club.

Occitan Culture

A night dedicated to Occitan people: these lived in a large area comprehending Northern Italy, central France and Bask Countries. They passed on a rich folkloric tradition. We danced guided by “Balbosco” dancers and acompanied by “Ponente Folk Legacy” music.


What a “crazy” night! The evening event of the 27th was a comic surreal theatre show about folly. The protagonists performing in Piazza Cassini were “Teatro abusivo & TrioScampato+1+1” directed by Davide Barella, in collaboration with Scuola MusicArte Camporosso.