Dissolvenze: Scambi’s shorts

Pictures from Dissolvenze 2021

What’s Dissolvenze: the short films of Scambi?

Dissolvenze is a short film competition part of Scambi Festival. Through Dissolvenze creatives can share their views and voice their ideas thanks to the magic of images. The participants can compete with shorts that have a runtime of minimum 4 minutes and maximum 15 minutes and that follow the theme of this edition: squilibrio/disequilibrium. A jury of cinephiles all under the age of 25 will select the winning short which will be shown during one of the nights at the Scambi Festival.

Why squilibrium?

The dictionary definition of disequilibrium is the lack of equilibrium, an imbalance. Even though it often has negative connotations, disequilibrium is an fundamental part of the human experience, a necessary step to finding a new equilibrium by questioning oneself. 

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We can’t wait to know the winners of this edition.

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    Winner of Dissolvenze: the short films of Scambi 2021

    What Could Have Happened (Lo Que Podria Haber Pasado)

    Directed by Nacho Solana