About Us

We are fifteen under 25s coming from every corner of Europe. Our association was born from our wish to value real and deep ties, horizontality and dialogue, curiosity and welcoming of the different.

Our purpose is to recover the value of communication and meeting, often forgotten or hidden behind a screen, reduced to a double click on a picture.

Coming from a year of videocalls, thousand doubts and just as many ideas, our team has become a family. We are proud of our diversity and passion, enthusiastic in sharing inspiration and in continuously proposing new perspectives.

We will properly introduce ourselves when we meet each other, from 26th to 29th August in Sanremo, but in the meanwhile here is a little anticipation of who we are.

Margherita reads about quantum physics, but studies Philosophy. She loves to gaze at the stars and the flowers, dancing and drinking coffee. She often recalls the best moments with her Scout Group. If we could be written, instead of born, she would like to be one of Baudelaire’s poem. At Scambi she is helping in the scientific section.
Miranda studies Philosophy, International Studies and Economics in Venice and spends her free time drawing. She was born in Germany, where she has studied design until high school. She attended various courses in graphic design for youth job associations and ONGs. She has lived in France, Armenia and Israel.
Luisa lives in the hot and sunny Catania and is studying audio/video and multimedia at the Academy of Belle Arti in Palermo. Her bigger ambition is to become a film director and her motto “I live my life one romantic comedy at the time” confirms that. Inside the strange world of Scambi she is dedicated to her short film contest “Dissolvenze” and to everything that goes from filmmaking to infinity.
Chiara was born on the same day of the Russian Revolution, but in 1995. She believes that exchanging stories and experiences is the best way to live fully. LIS Interpreter, she creates little stories on flying papers and loves crunchy bread. When in town feasts, she becomes a jumping cricket. She gambles with glances. Chiara loves the sea in winter time, the wind blowing under her clothes and being in love.
Alessandro is a student of Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin. He's a travel and music lover and for twenty minutes a day he can even be a dutiful person. It's enough to put him at ease to break his shyness. As part of our project, he manages our site from every point of view.
Sara is supposed to be a reliable and responsible person, but loses her diary every hour and did not yet understand the rational order underlying the mess on her desk. She studies Jurisprudence in Trento, where she can experience Scambi philosophy applied to law. Her dream is to become a magistrate. In Scambi she takes care of the partnership with Libera and of everything concerned with “legality”.
A nomad girl who changes her residence from time to time. Maybe this is the reason she is interested in the migratory phenomenon: she will bring to Scambi experts in this field. Willing to discover new people, new cultures, new thoughts and ways of doing, she looks forward to meet such novelties at our festival!
Stefania’s a determined girl who does not hold back in front of any opportunity. What Scambi means to her is the chance to get in touch with new diversities and to share her own experiences. She is studying Nursing School at Milano Bicocca University. Her strong sense of duty makes her reliable, ambitious and helpful towards other people. In our association she deals with internal logistics and administration.
Cecilia is an inconstant and sometimes too critical “Sanremese” in the Hague. She is attending International Studies, looks after our blog and never knows what to cook for dinner. She is always late and her interest is directed towards everything concerned with sustainability, because she shares the Planet with a lot of beautiful people and she is convinced that next generations deserve at least the possibility to do better.
Tommi is the crazy, chatty, jumping guy who conceived Scambi. He is always talking with everybody of everything, but he never looses a chance to tell people about his choice to quit social media. He studies Philosophy, International Studies and Economics in Venice and is APS Oltre President.
Anna likes: the noise of the sea at night, gently caressing dogs’ head and leaning her head on close people’s legs. Anna believes that a perfect world would be made of open words and feelings, curiosity and ceaseless wonder, respect and desire. She tries to contribute to the wellbeing of Life (it being human, animal, herbal) fighting through every-day little gestures. She is a vet student during the day, a daydreamer at night (because vice versa would be impossible).
Jana has a smiley face, carries a huge lot of serene sweetness, even if you don’t notice any fatigue. She loves to challenge rock walls, climbing them. She also loves to capture life moments with her strictly analogical camera. She studied Languages, then lived in Scotland for one year and is now attending Philosophy, International Studies and Economics in Venice. In Scambi she is the responsible for communication.
Fiammetta – in Italian meaning “little flame” – does not extinguish under the rain and was born in 1999. She is currently studying Pharmacy in the very first capital city of Italy. She is an aspiring researcher, brown belt in karate (other than in uncertainty) and a daydreamer. She is always ready to get into the game in order to learn and share experiences and stories with other people. She has the countdown to Christmas permanently set on her phone, the Japanese culture fascinates her and she is a good food lover (and hungry for the world).
Valentino is an extrovert and enterprising guy. DJ, Vocalist, volleyball trainer, but mainly an electrical systems designer. The exchange (the scambio) means to him the base for sociability and the only possible way to grow.
Valentina was born on 1/9/1999, on a binary date in the beautiful Turin, where she is currently studying. She plays the piano, listens to jazz music, loves to travel, to fly, the sea. She would love to live close to the sea. She likes the days when she is full of things to do, learn and discover, because we only live once and we must make it great.
Elena’s personality is cheerful and kind. She expresses goodness and altruism with the desire of becoming a nurse and travelling the world through volunteering associations. Empathy and curiosity towards others have carried her into the world of our festival, made up of dynamic interactions. In Scambi she deals with internal logistics and administration.
Forever fond of the open-source world, he deals with the technical part of Scambi.